What if we reimagined the way we
buy and sell real estate to be more human

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Less Paper,
More Clarity,

The Challenge

What if buying or selling. your home was a relaxing, stress free experience? How might we speed up the process of getting approved for a loan while avoiding all the paperwork and unexpected surprises. Imagine walking into an open house and not just making an offer, but start the purchase process with the tap of a button and beat out the most competitive offers?

The Solution

On the other hand, real estate transactions are complex for a reason. Many of the regulations that keep lending practices in check, also make processes like getting a loan take a long time. This, coupled with other things that can happen to make a deal fall through, can make selling your home stressful. But what if it didn’t have to be that way?


Closing Days Inspired By
Spa Days

The Goal

We quickly found out that what we needed to create was a tightly integrated ecosystem where You can buy a home start to finish. Giving way to a team of experts underwrite and close your loan, providing a fully digital, automated transaction without a single trip to the bank.


Key Objectives

A Deep Dive To Sooth Those Friction Points

Our mission would be to stand up a platform ecosystem that to provide agents, buyers and sellers a smooth, stress-free experience from search to closing. Providing a full spectrum of visibility and control over every step of the process.

For Buyers

Algorithms find the lowest rate you qualify for on every home you view on the platform, so real offers can be made when the time is right. 

For Sellers

Offers made to sellers would be qualified to close, providing certainty and confidence that the contract won’t fall through because of contingencies

For Agents

A portal that would combine built-in messaging, scheduling, marketing and transactional capabilities shifting the focus on clients not on administration.


Doors Open Up To Deals That Don't Fall Apart

From finding the perfect home to a smooth, stress-free closing. HomeRun would guide agents, buyers and sellers and provide full visibility and control over every step of the process.


An offer management platform that’s all about transparency by keeping all parties up to speed on the status of each part of the process. 

Make / Accept Offers

Review, adjust terms or send a counter offer directly from the app. Receive inspection reports and finalize all contingencies through HomeRun.  

Complete Sale

Review and approve closing documents and sign electronically and close in days without stacks of paperwork. It’s time to start packing!

The New Way
To Find Your Way Home

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